Package org.jboss.soa.esb.listeners.message

Interface Summary
MessageAlertsMBean MBean to represent message alerts.
MessageComposer<T> Message composer.
MessageCounterMBean MBean to represent simple message counting.

Class Summary
AbstractMessageComposer<T> An abstract MessageComposer implementation, containing a useful default implementation.
ActionBeanConfigurator ActionBeanConfigurator was created because ActionMapper flattens the ConfigTree by promoting child "property" elements to attributes on the parent element.
ActionProcessingConstants Action Processing Constants.
ActionProcessingPipeline Action Processing Pipeline.
ActionStatusBean ActionStatusBean is a bean which wraps the information necessary to update the ServiceMessageCounter MBean.
BasicMessageComposer<T> Basic Message Composer.
BeanContainerAction Bean Action Container.
DeliveryObservableLogger Deprecated. No longer used
Invoker Deprecated. Use ServiceInvoker.
MessageAlerts MessageAlertsMBean implementation.
MessageAwareListener Esb Message aware transport independent listener.
MessageComposer.Factory Uitility factory class for reflective MessageComposer construction.
MessageCounter MessageCounter is a MBean implementation which keeps track of message data and metadata.
MessageCounterStatistics Extraction of core from MessageCounter bean.
MessageStatusBean Bean that stores data on the message status.
ServiceMessageCounter Service message counter is a MBean that displays an action-by-action breakdown of how many failed and successful messages have been processed and shows the processing time of each.
UncomposedMessageDeliveryAdapter Adapter class for delivering uncomposed (ESB unaware) message payloads to a target service.

Exception Summary
IncompatibleTransactionScopeException If a user attempts to use a request-response MEP while within the scope of a transaction then the request won't be sent until the transaction commits, which can't happen if the sender thread is blocked.
MessageDeliverException Message delivery failure.
MessageValidationException Exception sent when pipeline message validation fails.
MissingServiceException Service has not been located in the registry.
ResponseTimeoutException Timeout on response.