Package org.jboss.soa.esb.message.body.content

Interface Summary
BytesBody The Message payload contains an arbitrary byte array that can be interpreted by the application as basic Java types.
MapBody The Message payload contains a Map of serializable Objects that can be inserted and retrieved as a Map.
ObjectBody Similar to JMS, the Message payload only contains a serializable Object.
TextBody Similar to JMS, the Message payload only contains a String.

Class Summary
MessageBodyTypeNames WARNING: This class represents a list of reserved Body property names and associated values.
Payload Different message formats represent views on the underlying Message Body, i.e., payload.
ServiceControlCommand ServiceControlCommand is a serializable bean that contains JMX operations information.

Exception Summary
IncompatibleModeException Thrown if trying to read on a write-only buffer, or vice versa.
InvalidPayloadException Thrown if unmarshalling fails.