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For administrators and web developers alike, there are some important bits of information you should familiarize yourself with before starting out. This document serves as a brief introduction to some of the concepts and terminology behind the JBoss Web container. As well, where to go when you need help.


In the course of reading these documents, you'll run across a number of terms; some specific to JBoss Web, and others defined by the Servlet or JSP specifications.

  • Context - In a nutshell, a Context is a web application.
  • Term2 - This is it.
  • Term3 - This is it!

Directories and Files

Throughout the docs, you may notice references to $CATALINA_HOME. In JBossWeb 7.0.x that is where the webapp are deployed The default location in the Stanalone Server is configured by jboss.server.temp.dir normally jboss.home.dir/standalone/tmp.

These are some of the key JBoss Web directories, all relative to $jboss.home.dir:

  • /bin - Startup, shutdown, and other scripts. The *.sh files (for Unix systems) are functional duplicates of the *.bat files (for Windows systems). Since the Win32 command-line lacks certain functionality, there are some additional files in here.
  • /standalone/deployments/ - This is where your webapps go.
  • /standalone/log - Log files are here by default.

Configuring JBoss Web

This section will acquaint you with the basic information used during the configuration of the container.

All of the information in the configuration file standalone/configuration/standalone.xml is read at startup, but changes can be done used the admin console or web interface. The changes are kept between restarts of the container.

Where to Go for Help

While we've done our best to ensure that these documents are clearly written and easy to understand, we may have missed something. Provided below are various web sites and mailing lists in case you get stuck.

As JBoss Web 7.0 changes things over past Tomcat releases, keep in mind that some of the issues and solutions vary between the major versions of Tomcat (4.x, 5.x and 6.x).

  • Current document - most documents will list potential hangups. Be sure to fully read the relevant documentation as it will save you much time and effort. There's nothing like scouring the web only to find out that the answer was right in front of you all along!
  • Web subsystem configuration in AS7
  • JBoss Web User forum
  • JBoss Web Developer forum
  • Tomcat WIKI
  • Tomcat FAQ at jGuru
  • Tomcat mailing list archives - numerous sites archive the Tomcat mailing lists. Since the links change over time, clicking here will search Google.
  • The TOMCAT-USER mailing list, which you can subscribe to here. If you don't get a reply, then there's a good chance that your question was probably answered in the list archives or one of the FAQs. Although questions about web application development in general are sometimes asked and answered, please focus your questions on Tomcat-specific issues.
  • The TOMCAT-DEV mailing list, which you can subscribe to here. This list is reserved for discussions about the development of Tomcat itself. Questions about Tomcat configuration, and the problems you run into while developing and running applications, will normally be more appropriate on the TOMCAT-USER list instead.

And, if you think something should be in the docs, by all means let us know on the TOMCAT-DEV list, or send one of the doc authors email.