The Story
First login as 'Albert Einstein'. Click 'request a pay raise'. Filling in the form 'Request pay raise form' will start one execution (=process instance) of the payraise process. After start, the payraise process ends up in the state 'evaluating'. Thats done by 'Carl Gauss'. So login as 'Carl Gauss'. You'll see that Carl has one (or more cause you're not alone:-) tasks in his tasklist. Click the (most upper) task that says 'evaluate a pay raise'. Fill out the evaluation form. In case you disapprove, the process will end. In case you approve, both actors 'Albert Einstein' and Pierre de Fermat' will receive a task in their tasklist. So login as those users to proceed and eventually finish the process.
See for yourself...

Were in the process of setting up the demo in a new hosting environment. This might take some days. Please, check out the demo in a few days time.

What's not in the demo
What cannot be demostrated here are the excellent integration capabilities of jBpm, because it can be run inside a J2EE container. An important concept regarding integration is the generation of information from data. jBpm is designed to confront every user with as little complexity as possible : When a user performs an activity, jBpm collects data from various systems within the organisation. Then only the relevant information is presented to the user. After the user submits the form, the information entered by the user can be dispatched over various other systems.