jBpm 2

Contains the second version of jbpm. is a snapshot of the cvs project structure. For your convenience, some of the files are like e.g. jbpm.core.jar are already build and included in the download. is a JBoss server with a jBPM installation preconfigured. Just download unzip, start and surf to http://localhost:8080/jbpm.

jBpm 1

jBpm has 2 different downloads : a binary and a source version. The source version can be has a '-src' in the name somewhere and is just a snapshot of the cvs. This file includes ant build scripts to configure your jboss installation for jbpm. The binary version includes a preconfigured jboss. Although its quicker for getting started, the binary version is more limited in its ant build capabilities.

Graphical Process Designer

The graphical process designer is a GUI tool that helps you to create process archives for jBpm. NOTE: the gpd does *not* support jbpm2, only the jbpm1 versions.
Other Contributions
  • The jBpm team is building its custom graphical process designer, but David Benson is developing a generic process designer called jgpd, with primary interop for jBpm.
  • Jan Berka is developing an XMI to jPdl generator using XSLT. A prototype can be downloaded here.