JBoss jBPM Graphical Process Designer

Getting Started : How to create your first process definition


Table of Contents

Target Audience
1. JBoss jBPM Graphical Process Designer Installation
2. A Guided Tour of JBoss jBPM GPD
2.1. Creating a jBPM Project
2.2. Creating an Empty Process Definition
2.3. A Minimal Process Definition
2.3.1. Adding the Nodes
2.3.2. Adding Transitions
2.4. The Outline View
2.5. The Properties View
2.6. Direct Editing
2.7. The Source View
3. Test Driven Process Development
4. Actions : The JBoss jBPM Integration Mechanism
4.1. Creating a Hello World Action
4.2. Integrating the Hello World Action
4.3. Integration Points
5. Quick Howto Guide
5.1. Change the Default Core jBPM Installation
5.2. Configuring Task Nodes