Package org.jboss.jsfunit.context

Provides the JSFUnit FacesContext and ExternalContext.


Class Summary
JSFUnitDelegatingExternalContext This ExternalContext will delegate everything to the real ExternalContext except for the getSession() method.
JSFUnitExternalContext The JSFUnitExternalContext is created at the end of the JSF lifecycle.
JSFUnitFacesContext This class is a wrapper for the "real" FacesContext.
JSFUnitFacesContextFactory When a JSFUnit request is active, this FacesContextFactory will provide a wrapper for the "real" FacesContext.
JSFUnitHttpServletRequest This class takes the same approach as the JSFUnitExternalContext in that it caches everything possible from the HttpServletRequest so that it will be available to the JSFUnit test.
JSFUnitHttpSession This HttpSession delegates everything to the real HttpSession except for the invalidate method.
NoNewEntryMap This Map copies all the entries of the wrapped Map into a new Map and disallows new entries while JSFServerSession.getManagedBeanValue() is running.

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Package org.jboss.jsfunit.context Description

Provides the JSFUnit FacesContext and ExternalContext.

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