Package org.jboss.jsfunit.framework

Framework that ties together JSFUnit, JSF, Cactus, and HTMLUnit.


Interface Summary
InitialRequestStrategy Implementations of this interface allow for different ways to make the initial request that starts a JSF session.
RequestListener Implementor listens for Http requests from the client side.

Class Summary
BasicAuthenticationStrategy Performs JEE container-managed BASIC authentication using only a user name and password.
DebugUtil For now, this just contains a couple of simple utility methods to dump the client IDs in the component tree.
Environment Contains methods to determine the test environment.
FaceletsErrorPageDetector This class checks every response to see if it was the Facelets Error page.
FacesContextBridge This class pulls the FacesContext from the previous request and associates it with the JSFUnit thread.
FormAuthenticationStrategy Performs FORM authentication for JEE container-managed security.
JSFTimer The JSFTimer collects performance data during a JSF request.
JSFTimerPhaseListener This PhaseListener provides time stamps for each phase of the JSF lifecycle.
JSFUnitFilter The JSFUnitFilter is used to set up JSFUnit tests during a client invocation of JUnit.
JSFUnitServletRedirector The JSFUnitServletRedirector does JSFUnit cleanup at the end of each redirector request.
JSFUnitWebConnection The JSFUnitWebConnection wraps the HtmlUnit WebConnection.
SimpleInitialRequestStrategy This initial request strategy does a simple JSF request to the server.
WebClientSpec The WebClientSpec allows configuration of the HtmlUnit WebClient and its interaction with JSFUnit.
WebConversationFactory The WebConversationFactory manages the environment needed to set up the WebClientSpec to be used with an HtmlUnit WebClient.

Exception Summary
FaceletsErrorPageException This exception is thrown if the JSFSession encounters a Facelets error page.

Package org.jboss.jsfunit.framework Description

Framework that ties together JSFUnit, JSF, Cactus, and HTMLUnit.

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