Basic configuration

The build-thirdparty goal and the thirdparty-deploy goal can both be run by defining the desired behaviour in the project pom. The maven-deploy goal is normally run from the command line, but it could also be added to a maven pom if needed.

Note: It is a recommended practice to define a specific version of the plugin to be used in the build. Some of the examples on this site omit the version for convenience, but your project pom should normally include the version configuration for all plugins used.

        <version> version to use </version>
            <id>descriptive id for the execution</id>
              <goal>name of goal to execute</goal>

Using the build thirdparty goal

The build thirdparty goal downloads a project's dependencies from a maven repository and builds a thirdparty directory structure in the target directory. For examples, see Build Thirdparty Examples

Using the maven deploy goal

The maven deploy goal reads a buildmagic component-info.xml file and deploys the component artifacts to a maven repository. For usage examples see Maven Deploy Examples

Using the thirdparty deploy goal

The thirdparty deploy goal generates the required information to deploy a maven built project to the ant/buildmagic based repository. For usage examples, see Thirdparty Deploy Examples

Handling component resources directories

The maven-deploy goal can be used to upload a resources folder to the maven repository. This can then be downloaded by the build-thirdparty goal and used in a project build. For usage examples, see Handling Project Resources