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Packages that use NameFactory Nodes in a graph contain properties, and this package defines the interfaces, classes and exceptions for representing and working with properties and their values. A set of basic implementations of the various interfaces defined in
org.jboss.dna.jcr The DNA implementation of the JCR API. The classes that make up the Java source file sequencer. 

Uses of NameFactory in

Methods in that return NameFactory
 NameFactory ValueFactories.getNameFactory()
          Get the value factory for name properties.

Uses of NameFactory in

Classes in that implement NameFactory
 class NameValueFactory
          The standard ValueFactory for PropertyType.NAME values.

Methods in that return NameFactory
 NameFactory StandardValueFactories.getNameFactory()
          Get the value factory for name properties.
 NameFactory DelegatingValueFactories.getNameFactory()

Uses of NameFactory in org.jboss.dna.jcr

Methods in org.jboss.dna.jcr with parameters of type NameFactory
static PropertyDefinitionId PropertyDefinitionId.fromString(String definition, NameFactory factory)
          Parse the supplied string for of an identifer, and return the object form for that identifier.
static NodeDefinitionId NodeDefinitionId.fromString(String definition, NameFactory factory)
          Parse the supplied string for of an identifer, and return the object form for that identifier.

Uses of NameFactory in

Methods in with parameters of type NameFactory
static void SimpleTypeMetadataSequencer.sequenceConstructorSimpleTypeName(SimpleTypeFieldMetadata simpleTypeFieldMetadata, String rootPath, SequencerOutput output, NameFactory nameFactory, PathFactory pathFactory)
          Sequence the type name of the simple type.
static void ArrayTypeFieldMetadataSequencer.sequenceFieldMemberData(ArrayTypeFieldMetadata arrayTypeFieldMetadata, PathFactory pathFactory, NameFactory nameFactory, SequencerOutput output, String path, int index)
          Sequence member data of array type.
static void ArrayTypeFieldMetadataSequencer.sequenceMethodFormalParam(SequencerOutput output, NameFactory nameFactory, PathFactory pathFactory, ArrayTypeFieldMetadata arrayTypeFieldMetadata, String methodParamRootPath)
          Sequence all formal parameters of a method.
static void SimpleTypeMetadataSequencer.sequenceMethodFormalParam(SequencerOutput output, NameFactory nameFactory, PathFactory pathFactory, SimpleTypeFieldMetadata simpleTypeFieldMetadata, String methodParamRootPath)
static void SimpleTypeMetadataSequencer.sequenceMethodReturnType(SequencerOutput output, NameFactory nameFactory, PathFactory pathFactory, SimpleTypeFieldMetadata simpleTypeFieldMetadata, String methodRootPath)
          Sequence the return type of a method.
static void ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadataSequencer.sequenceTheParameterizedTypeModifier(ModifierMetadata modifierMetadata, String parameterizedTypeModifierPath, PathFactory pathFactory, NameFactory nameFactory, SequencerOutput output)
          Sequences a modifier of this parameterized type.
static void ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadataSequencer.sequenceTheParameterizedTypeName(ParameterizedTypeFieldMetadata parameterizedTypeFieldMetadata, String parameterizedTypeFieldRootPath, PathFactory pathFactory, NameFactory nameFactory, SequencerOutput output)
          Sequences the type name of the parameterized type.
static void VariableSequencer.sequenceTheVariable(SequencerOutput output, NameFactory nameFactory, Variable variable, Path path)
          Sequence a variable.

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