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Packages that use DnaConfiguration.Returnable
org.jboss.dna.jcr The DNA implementation of the JCR API. 
org.jboss.dna.repository The components and services that make up the JBoss DNA repository engine. 

Uses of DnaConfiguration.Returnable in org.jboss.dna.jcr

Subinterfaces of DnaConfiguration.Returnable in org.jboss.dna.jcr
static interface JcrConfiguration.RepositoryDefinition<ReturnType>
          Interface used to define a JCR Repository that's accessible from the JcrEngine.

Uses of DnaConfiguration.Returnable in org.jboss.dna.repository

Subinterfaces of DnaConfiguration.Returnable in org.jboss.dna.repository
static interface DnaConfiguration.MimeTypeDetectorDefinition<ReturnType>
          Interface used to set up and define a MIME type detector instance.
static interface DnaConfiguration.RepositorySourceDefinition<ReturnType>
          Interface used to set up and define a RepositorySource instance.
static interface DnaConfiguration.SequencerDefinition<ReturnType>
          Interface used to set up and define a sequencer instance.

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