Package org.jboss.dna.repository.sequencer

The classes that make up the sequencing service and its configuration.


Interface Summary
Sequencer The interface for a DNA sequencer, which sequences nodes and their content to extract additional information from the information.
SequencingService.Selector Interface used to select the set of Sequencer instances that should be run.

Class Summary
SequencerConfig A configuration for a sequencer.
SequencerContext The sequencer context represents the complete context of a sequencer invocation, including the execution context (which contains JAAS credentials, namespace mappings, and value factories) and the I/O environment for writing output.
SequencerLibrary A library of Sequencer components.
SequencerOutputMap A basic SequencerOutput that records all information in-memory and which organizes the properties by node paths and provides access to the nodes in a natural path-order.
SequencerPathExpression An expression that defines a selection of some change in the repository that signals a sequencing operation should be run, and the location where the sequencing output should be placed.
SequencingService A sequencing system is used to monitor changes in the content of DNA repositories and to sequence the content to extract or to generate structured information.
StreamSequencerAdapter An adapter class that wraps a StreamSequencer instance to be a Sequencer.

Exception Summary
InvalidSequencerPathExpression A runtime exception that denotes an invalid PathExpression for a sequencer.
SequencerException A runtime exception that denotes an error within a sequencer.

Package org.jboss.dna.repository.sequencer Description

The classes that make up the sequencing service and its configuration.

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