Class JdbcMetadataRepository

  extended by org.modeshape.graph.connector.base.Repository<PathNode,org.modeshape.connector.meta.jdbc.JdbcMetadataWorkspace>
      extended by org.modeshape.connector.meta.jdbc.JdbcMetadataRepository

public class JdbcMetadataRepository
extends Repository<PathNode,org.modeshape.connector.meta.jdbc.JdbcMetadataWorkspace>

Nested Class Summary
protected  class JdbcMetadataRepository.JdbcMetadataTransaction
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.modeshape.graph.connector.base.Repository
context, rootNodeUuid
Constructor Summary
JdbcMetadataRepository(JdbcMetadataSource source)
Method Summary
protected  void initialize()
          Initializes the repository by creating the default workspace.
 JdbcMetadataRepository.JdbcMetadataTransaction startTransaction(ExecutionContext context, boolean readonly)
          Begin a transaction, hinting whether the transaction will be used only to read the content.
Methods inherited from class org.modeshape.graph.connector.base.Repository
createRequestProcessor, createWorkspace, destroyWorkspace, getContext, getDefaultWorkspaceName, getRootNodeUuid, getSourceName, getWorkspace, getWorkspaceNames
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Field Detail


public static final String TABLES_SEGMENT_NAME
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Constant Field Values


public static final String PROCEDURES_SEGMENT_NAME
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Constructor Detail


public JdbcMetadataRepository(JdbcMetadataSource source)
Method Detail


protected void initialize()
Description copied from class: Repository
Initializes the repository by creating the default workspace.

Due to the ordering restrictions on constructor chaining, this method cannot be called until the repository is fully initialized. This method MUST be called at the end of the constructor by any class that implements MapRepository .

initialize in class Repository<PathNode,org.modeshape.connector.meta.jdbc.JdbcMetadataWorkspace>


public JdbcMetadataRepository.JdbcMetadataTransaction startTransaction(ExecutionContext context,
                                                                       boolean readonly)
Description copied from class: Repository
Begin a transaction, hinting whether the transaction will be used only to read the content. If this is called, then the transaction must be either committed or rolled back.

Specified by:
startTransaction in class Repository<PathNode,org.modeshape.connector.meta.jdbc.JdbcMetadataWorkspace>
context - the context in which the transaction is to be performed; may not be null
readonly - true if the transaction will not modify any content, or false if changes are to be made
the transaction; never null
See Also:
Transaction.commit(), Transaction.rollback()

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