Interface NodeCachePolicyChangedListener<KeyType,NodeType extends Node>

Type Parameters:
KeyType - the key for the cache entries, normally the natural unique identifier for the node
NodeType - the node type that is being cached
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
DiskWorkspace, SvnWorkspace

public interface NodeCachePolicyChangedListener<KeyType,NodeType extends Node>

Listener for NodeCachePolicyChangedEvents.

Method Summary
 void cachePolicyChanged(NodeCachePolicyChangedEvent<KeyType,NodeType> event)
          Handler for NodeCachePolicyChangedEvents.

Method Detail


void cachePolicyChanged(NodeCachePolicyChangedEvent<KeyType,NodeType> event)
Handler for NodeCachePolicyChangedEvents. This handler is invoked after the policy has been changed. This method has no mechanism to veto or reject the policy change.

event - the event containing the change information; may not be null

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