Package org.modeshape.graph.connector.base.cache

Interface Summary
CacheStatistics This interface provides access to statistics for an individual workspace cache.
NodeCache<KeyType,NodeType extends Node> The basic contract for a workspace-level cache of paths to the nodes stored at that path.
NodeCachePolicy<KeyType,NodeType extends Node> Cache policy implementation for use with workspace caches.
NodeCachePolicyChangedListener<KeyType,NodeType extends Node> Listener for NodeCachePolicyChangedEvents.
PathNodeCache<N extends PathNode>  

Class Summary
DefaultCacheStatistics Default, thread-safe implementation of CacheStatistics that uses AtomicLongs as counters for the statistics.
InMemoryNodeCache<KeyType,NodeType extends Node> Implementation of NodeCache that stores all nodes in-memory.
InMemoryNodeCache.MapCache<N extends MapNode>  
InMemoryNodeCache.MapCachePolicy<NodeType extends MapNode> Path cache policy implementation that caches all nodes in an in-memory cache.
NoCachePolicy<KeyType,NodeType extends Node> Trivial path cache policy implementation that performs no caching at all
NodeCachePolicyChangedEvent<KeyType,NodeType extends Node> Event indicating that a repository's node cache policy has been changed.

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