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Packages that use GraphSession.NodeVisitor
org.modeshape.graph.session A graph session provides a stateful environment in which graph operations can be enqueued and the state and structure of the graph are cached. 

Uses of GraphSession.NodeVisitor in org.modeshape.graph.session

Subclasses of GraphSession.NodeVisitor in org.modeshape.graph.session
protected  class GraphSession.LoadAllChildrenVisitor
          A visitor that ensures that all children of a node are loaded, and provides a hook to post-process the parent.
protected  class GraphSession.LoadNodesVisitor
          An abstract base class for visitors that need to load nodes using a single batch for all read operations.

Methods in org.modeshape.graph.session with parameters of type GraphSession.NodeVisitor
 void GraphSession.Node.onCachedNodes(GraphSession.NodeVisitor<Payload,PropertyPayload> visitor)
          Visit all loaded and unloaded nodes in the cache.
 void GraphSession.Node.onChangedNodes(GraphSession.NodeVisitor<Payload,PropertyPayload> visitor)
          Visit all changed nodes in the cache.
 void GraphSession.Node.onLoadedNodes(GraphSession.NodeVisitor<Payload,PropertyPayload> visitor)
          Visit all nodes in the cache that are already loaded

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