Class ClassSourceFileRecorder

  extended by
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public class ClassSourceFileRecorder
extends Object
implements SourceFileRecorder

A source file recorder that writes the Java metadata from the source file to the repository, using the same structure as the default mode of the Java Class File sequencer.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void record(StreamSequencerContext context, SequencerOutput output, JavaMetadata javaMetadata)
          Records a source file using the provided SequencerOutput instance.
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Constructor Detail


public ClassSourceFileRecorder()
Method Detail


public void record(StreamSequencerContext context,
                   SequencerOutput output,
                   JavaMetadata javaMetadata)
Description copied from interface: SourceFileRecorder
Records a source file using the provided SequencerOutput instance.

Specified by:
record in interface SourceFileRecorder
context - the sequencer context
output - the StreamSequencer output
javaMetadata - the metadata for the Java source file

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