Interface SourceFileRecorder

All Known Implementing Classes:
ClassSourceFileRecorder, OriginalFormatSourceFileRecorder

public interface SourceFileRecorder

A simple interface that allows an implementer to control how Java source file metadata is mapped to properties (including primary and mixin types) in the graph.

Implementations of this class must provide a public, no-argument constructor.

To use, supply the implementation class name to a JavaMetadataSequencer object. Each instance will be reused for multiple sequence calls , so implementations of this interface must be thread-safe.

Method Summary
 void record(StreamSequencerContext context, SequencerOutput output, JavaMetadata javaMetadata)
          Records a source file using the provided SequencerOutput instance.

Method Detail


void record(StreamSequencerContext context,
            SequencerOutput output,
            JavaMetadata javaMetadata)
Records a source file using the provided SequencerOutput instance.

context - the sequencer context
output - the StreamSequencer output
javaMetadata - the metadata for the Java source file

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