Package org.modeshape.sequencer.xml

The classes that make up the XML sequencer.


Class Summary
InheritingXmlSequencer An XML sequencer that is a specialization of XmlSequencer by inheriting unqualified attribute namespaces from the element rather than from the default namespace.
ModeShapeDtdLexicon Lexicon of names for XML DTD concepts.
ModeShapeXmlLexicon Lexicon of names for XML concepts.
XmlSequencer A sequencer for XML files, which maintains DTD, entity, comments, and other content.
XmlSequencerHandler A DefaultHandler2 implementation that is used by the sequencer.
XmlSequencerI18n The internationalized string constants for the org.modeshape.sequencer.xml* packages.

Enum Summary
XmlSequencer.AttributeScoping The choices for how attributes that have no namespace prefix should be assigned a namespace.

Package org.modeshape.sequencer.xml Description

The classes that make up the XML sequencer.

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