Package org.modeshape.sequencer.xsd

The classes that make up the XML Schema Document sequencer.


Class Summary
NamespaceEntityResolver A simple registry that keeps track of the UUID and Path for entities, keyed by their namespace and name.
XsdI18n The internationalized string constants for the packages.
XsdLexicon A lexicon of names used within the XSD sequencer.
XsdReader A class that can parse XML Schema Documents, derive a graph structure from the content, and output that graph structure to a supplied SequencerOutput.
XsdResolvers.SymbolSpace In XML Schema, there is a distinct symbol space within each target namespace for each kind of declaration and definition component, except that within a target namespace the simple type definitions and complex type definitions share a single symbol space.
XsdSequencer A sequencer that processes and extract the schema object model from XML Schema Document files.

Package org.modeshape.sequencer.xsd Description

The classes that make up the XML Schema Document sequencer.

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