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Uses of ObjectId in org.infinispan.schematic.document

Methods in org.infinispan.schematic.document that return ObjectId
 ObjectId MergeDocument.getObjectId(String name)
 ObjectId Document.getObjectId(String name)
          Get the ObjectId value in this document for the given field name.
 ObjectId ObjectId.Externalizer.readObject(ObjectInput input)

Methods in org.infinispan.schematic.document that return types with arguments of type ObjectId
 Set<Class<? extends ObjectId>> ObjectId.Externalizer.getTypeClasses()

Methods in org.infinispan.schematic.document with parameters of type ObjectId
 void ObjectId.Externalizer.writeObject(ObjectOutput output, ObjectId id)

Uses of ObjectId in org.infinispan.schematic.internal.document

Methods in org.infinispan.schematic.internal.document that return ObjectId
 ObjectId DocumentValueFactory.createObjectId(byte[] bytes)
 ObjectId DefaultDocumentValueFactory.createObjectId(byte[] bytes)
 ObjectId DocumentValueFactory.createObjectId(int time, int machine, int process, int inc)
 ObjectId DefaultDocumentValueFactory.createObjectId(int time, int machine, int process, int inc)
 ObjectId DocumentValueFactory.createObjectId(String hex)
 ObjectId DefaultDocumentValueFactory.createObjectId(String hex)
 ObjectId DocumentEditor.getObjectId(String name)
 ObjectId BasicDocument.getObjectId(String name)
 ObjectId BasicArray.getObjectId(String name)
 ObjectId ArrayEditor.getObjectId(String name)
static ObjectId BsonUtils.readObjectId(byte[] bytes)
          The BSON specification (or rather the MongoDB documentation) defines the structure of this data: "A BSON ObjectID is a 12-byte value consisting of a 4-byte timestamp (seconds since epoch), a 3-byte machine id, a 2-byte process id, and a 3-byte counter.
static ObjectId BsonUtils.readObjectId(String bytesInHex)
          Read the ObjectId from the hexadecimal string representation of the ObjectId.

Methods in org.infinispan.schematic.internal.document with parameters of type ObjectId
protected  void CompactJsonWriter.write(ObjectId value, Writer writer)
protected  void BsonWriter.write(String name, ObjectId value, BsonDataOutput output)
static void BsonUtils.writeObjectId(ObjectId id, byte[] b)
          Write the 12-byte representation of the ObjectId per the BSON specification (or rather the MongoDB documentation).

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