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Packages that use TextDecoder
org.modeshape.common.text A set of utilities for working with text. 
org.modeshape.jcr.value Nodes in a graph contain properties, and this package defines the interfaces, classes and exceptions for representing and working with properties and their values. 
org.modeshape.jcr.value.basic A set of basic implementations of the various interfaces defined in org.modeshape.jcr.value
org.modeshape.sequencer.xml The classes that make up the XML sequencer. 

Uses of TextDecoder in org.modeshape.common.text

Classes in org.modeshape.common.text that implement TextDecoder
 class FilenameEncoder
          An encoder useful for converting text to be used within a filename on common file systems and operating systems, including Linux, OS X, and Windows XP.
 class Jsr283Encoder
          Encoder that escapes characters that are not allowed in JCR names.
 class NoOpEncoder
          An encoder implementation that does nothing.
 class QuoteEncoder
 class UrlEncoder
          An encoder useful for converting text to be used within a URL, as defined by Section 2.3 of RFC 2396.
 class XmlNameEncoder
          An encoder and decoder for XML element and attribute names.
 class XmlValueEncoder
          An encoder useful for converting text to be used within XML attribute values.

Uses of TextDecoder in org.modeshape.jcr.value

Fields in org.modeshape.jcr.value declared as TextDecoder
static TextDecoder ValueFactory.DEFAULT_DECODER
static TextDecoder Path.DEFAULT_DECODER
          The default text decoder to be used when none is otherwise specified.
static TextDecoder Path.JSR283_DECODER
          The text decoder that decodes according to JSR-283.
static TextDecoder Path.NO_OP_DECODER
          The text decoder that does nothing.
static TextDecoder Path.URL_DECODER
          The text decoder that decodes text according to the rules of RFC 2396.

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.value with parameters of type TextDecoder
 T[] ValueFactory.create(String[] values, TextDecoder decoder)
          Create an array of values from an array of strings, using the supplied decoder.
 Name NameFactory.create(String namespaceUri, String localName, TextDecoder decoder)
          Create a name from the given namespace URI and local name.
 T ValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
          Create a value from a string, using the supplied decoder.
 Path.Segment PathFactory.createSegment(String segmentName, TextDecoder decoder)
          Create a path segment given the supplied segment name.

Uses of TextDecoder in org.modeshape.jcr.value.basic

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.value.basic that return TextDecoder
 TextDecoder AbstractValueFactory.getDecoder()
          Get the text decoder.
protected  TextDecoder AbstractValueFactory.getDecoder(TextDecoder decoder)
          Utility method to obtain either the supplied decoder (if not null) or this factory's decoder.

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.value.basic with parameters of type TextDecoder
 T[] AbstractValueFactory.create(String[] values, TextDecoder decoder)
 Name NameValueFactory.create(String namespaceUri, String localName, TextDecoder decoder)
 UUID UuidValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 URI UriValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 String StringValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 Reference ReferenceValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 Path PathValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 Object ObjectValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 Name NameValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 Long LongValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 DateTime JodaDateTimeValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 Double DoubleValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 BigDecimal DecimalValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 Boolean BooleanValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)
 Path.Segment PathValueFactory.createSegment(String segmentName, TextDecoder decoder)
protected  TextDecoder AbstractValueFactory.getDecoder(TextDecoder decoder)
          Utility method to obtain either the supplied decoder (if not null) or this factory's decoder.

Constructors in org.modeshape.jcr.value.basic with parameters of type TextDecoder
AbstractValueFactory(PropertyType type, TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
BooleanValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
DecimalValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
DoubleValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
JodaDateTimeValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
LongValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
NameValueFactory(NamespaceRegistry namespaceRegistry, TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
ObjectValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory, ValueFactory<BinaryValue> binaryValueFactory)
PathValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory, ValueFactory<Name> nameValueFactory)
ReferenceValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory, boolean weak)
StandardValueFactories(NamespaceRegistry namespaceRegistry, BinaryStore binaryStore, TextDecoder decoder, TextEncoder encoder, ValueFactory<?>... extraFactories)
          Create a standard set of value factories, using the supplied encoder/decoder.
StringValueFactory(NamespaceRegistry namespaceRegistry, TextDecoder decoder, TextEncoder encoder)
StringValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, TextEncoder encoder)
UriValueFactory(NamespaceRegistry namespaceRegistry, TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
UuidValueFactory(TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)

Uses of TextDecoder in org.modeshape.jcr.value.binary

Methods in org.modeshape.jcr.value.binary with parameters of type TextDecoder
 BinaryValue BinaryStoreValueFactory.create(String value, TextDecoder decoder)

Constructors in org.modeshape.jcr.value.binary with parameters of type TextDecoder
BinaryStoreValueFactory(BinaryStore store, TextDecoder decoder, ValueFactory<String> stringValueFactory)
          Create a factory instance that finds persisted binary values in the supplied store, and that uses the supplied decoder and string value factory to convert string values into binary values.

Uses of TextDecoder in org.modeshape.jdbc.delegate

Fields in org.modeshape.jdbc.delegate declared as TextDecoder
static TextDecoder ConnectionInfo.URL_DECODER

Uses of TextDecoder in org.modeshape.sequencer.xml

Fields in org.modeshape.sequencer.xml declared as TextDecoder
protected  TextDecoder XmlSequencerHandler.decoder
          The TextDecoder that is used to decode the names.
static TextDecoder XmlSequencerHandler.DEFAULT_DECODER
          Decoder for XML names, to turn '_xHHHH_' sequences in the XML element and attribute names into the corresponding UTF-16 characters.

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