Uses of Interface

Packages that use ChannelGroupFuture A channel registry which helps a user maintain the list of open Channels and perform bulk operations on them. 

Uses of ChannelGroupFuture in

Classes in that implement ChannelGroupFuture
 class DefaultChannelGroupFuture
          The default ChannelGroupFuture implementation.

Methods in that return ChannelGroupFuture
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroupFuture.await()
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroupFuture.await()
          Waits for this future to be completed.
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroupFuture.awaitUninterruptibly()
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroupFuture.awaitUninterruptibly()
          Waits for this future to be completed without interruption.
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroup.close()
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroup.close()
          Closes all Channels in this group.
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroup.disconnect()
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroup.disconnect()
          Disconnects all Channels in this group from their remote peers.
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroup.setInterestOps(int interestOps)
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroup.setInterestOps(int interestOps)
          Calls Channel.setInterestOps(int) for all Channels in this group with the specified interestOps.
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroup.setReadable(boolean readable)
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroup.setReadable(boolean readable)
          Calls Channel.setReadable(boolean) for all Channels in this group with the specified boolean flag.
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroup.unbind()
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroup.unbind()
          Unbinds all Channels in this group from their local address.
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroup.write(Object message)
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroup.write(Object message)
          Writes the specified message to all Channels in this group.
 ChannelGroupFuture DefaultChannelGroup.write(Object message, SocketAddress remoteAddress)
 ChannelGroupFuture ChannelGroup.write(Object message, SocketAddress remoteAddress)
          Writes the specified message with the specified remoteAddress to all Channels in this group.

Methods in with parameters of type ChannelGroupFuture
 void ChannelGroupFutureListener.operationComplete(ChannelGroupFuture future)
          Invoked when all I/O operations associated with the ChannelGroupFuture have been completed.

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