Package org.jboss.netty.handler.codec.rtsp

An RTSP extension based on the HTTP codec.


Class Summary
RtspHeaders Standard RTSP header names and values.
RtspHeaders.Names Standard RTSP header names.
RtspHeaders.Values Standard RTSP header values.
RtspMessageDecoder Decodes ChannelBuffers into RTSP messages represented in HttpMessages.
RtspMessageEncoder Encodes an RTSP message represented in HttpMessage into a ChannelBuffer.
RtspMethods The request method of RTSP.
RtspRequestDecoder Decodes ChannelBuffers into RTSP requests represented in HttpRequests.
RtspRequestEncoder Encodes an RTSP request represented in HttpRequest into a ChannelBuffer.
RtspResponseDecoder Decodes ChannelBuffers into RTSP responses represented in HttpResponses.
RtspResponseEncoder Encodes an RTSP response represented in HttpResponse into a ChannelBuffer.
RtspResponseStatuses The status code and its description of a RTSP response.
RtspVersions The version of RTSP.

Package org.jboss.netty.handler.codec.rtsp Description

An RTSP extension based on the HTTP codec.

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