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Chapter 4. Service Contract

4.1. Generating a Contract

The Savara Eclipse tooling includes the ability to generate contracts from source models. These models can vary, including (currently) choreographies and BPEL process definitions.

Select the "Savara->Generate->Contract" menu item associated with the context menu of the source model. For example,

This will display a dialog window to allow the user to select how each role, identified within the source model, should be generated as a service contract:

The "Service Role" check box is used to indicate whether that role, within the source model, should result in a service contract being created.

The "Contract Type" field displays a list of contract generation types. This list will be dependent upon the source model type, and so will not be discussed in detail here.

When the OK button is pressed, each of the contracts for the enabled roles will be created with their relevant artifacts, within the current Eclipse project containing the source model.