Package org.jboss.seam.annotations

Annotations for defining Seam components.


Class Summary
Outcome Deprecated.

Enum Summary
FlushModeType A full set of flush modes, including MANUAL, which is a glaring missing feature of the JPA spec.
TransactionPropagationType Transaction propagation strategies for Seam JavaBean components.

Annotation Types Summary
ApplicationException Synonym for javax.ejb.ApplicationException, for use in a pre Java EE 5 environment.
AutoCreate Specifies that the annotated component should be automatically instantiated whenever it is asked for, even if @In does not specify create=true.
Begin Marks a method as beginning a long-running conversation, if none exists, and if the method returns a non-null value without throwing an exception.
Conversational Specifies that a component or method is conversational, and may only be called inside the scope of a long-running conversation.
Create Alternative to javax.annotations.PostConstruct for use in a pre Java EE 5 environment.
DataBinderClass Meta-annotation that specifies that an annotation is a databinding annotation, ie.
DataSelectorClass Meta-annotation that specifies that an annotation is a dataselection annotation, ie.
Destroy Alternative to javax.annotations.PreDestroy for use in a pre Java EE 5 environment.
End Marks a method as ending a conversation, if the method returns a non-null outcome without throwing an exception.
Factory Marks a method as a factory method for a context variable.
Import Allows use of unqualified names in @In by a component or by all components in a package.
In Specifies that a seam component should be injected to the annotated field or setter method of a seam component.
Install Specifies whether or not a component should be installed if it is scanned
JndiName Specifies the JNDI name of a seam component.
Logger Injects a log
Name Specifies the component name of a Seam component.
Namespace Specifies the configuration namespace of a Java package containing Seam components.
Observer Marks a method as an observer of an event type or multiple event types.
Out Specifies that a seam component should be outjected from the annotated field or getter method of a session bean.
PerNestedConversation Limit the scope of a CONVERSATION-scoped component to just the parent conversation in which it was instantiated.
RaiseEvent Causes an event to be raised after the method returns a non-null result without exception.
ReadOnly Marks a component as immutable, not needing replication once created, or a method of the component as read-only, not mutating the state.
Role Specifies the name and scope role for a seam component role.
Roles Specifies the roles of a component.
Scope Specifies the scope (context) of a seam component.
Startup Specifies that an instance of this component is created at system initialization time for an application scoped component, or when a session is started for a session scoped component.
Synchronized Specifies that a stateful component has multiple concurrent clients, and so access to the component must be synchronized.
Transactional Specifies that the transaction propagation for a JavaBean component or method of a JavaBean component.
Unwrap Specifies that the object returned by the annotated getter method is to be injected instead of the component itself.

Package org.jboss.seam.annotations Description

Annotations for defining Seam components. (You need to get to know these guys.)