Package org.jboss.seam

The Seam component meta-model.


Interface Summary
Component.BijectedAttribute<T extends Annotation>  

Class Summary
Component Metamodel class for component classes.
Entity Metamodel class for entity classes.
Model Base class of metamodels.
Namespace A namespace for Seam component names.
Seam Convenience methods for accessing annotated information about Seam component classes.

Enum Summary
ComponentType The types of components understood by Seam.
ScopeType The scopes defined by Seam.

Exception Summary
InstantiationException Thrown when Seam cannot instantiate a component.
NoConversationException Throw when a component marked @Conversational is called outside the scope of a long-running conversation.
RequiredException Thrown when a null value is encountered during bijection of an attribute with required=true.

Package org.jboss.seam Description

The Seam component meta-model.