Class BaseDelegatingExecutionFactory<F,​C>

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    LoopbackExecutionFactory, RecordLoggingExecutionFactory

                description="Translator that delegates to another translator with capability override certain methods/capabilities")
    public class BaseDelegatingExecutionFactory<F,​C>
    extends ExecutionFactory<F,​C>
    implements DelegatingExecutionFactory<F,​C>
    Base delegating translator. Will proxy all calls to another ExecutionFactory. You will create a custom translator as a subclass of this class containing overrides for any method you wish to intercept. Given that subclass is given a Translator name of 'custom-delegator', your 'vdb.xml' file will contain an XML fragment like the following to assign the delegate:
     <translator type="custom-delegator" name="my-translator" description="custom translator">
        <property value="delegateName" name="name of the delegate instance"/>
        <!-- any custom properties will also appear here -->