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Chapter 2. Teiid Designer Perspectives

2.1. Teiid Designer Perspective
2.2. Opening a Perspective
2.3. Further information

Teiid Designer utilizes Eclipse's Workbench environment which controls visual layout via perspectives. A perspective defines the initial set and layout of views and editors. Within the application window, each perspective shares the same set of editors. Each perspective provides a set of functionality aimed at accomplishing a specific set of tasks.

Perspectives also control what appears in certain menus and toolbars. They define visible action sets, which you can change to customize a perspective. You can save a perspective that you build in this manner, making your own custom perspective that you can open again later.

The Teiid Designer perspective provides access to fundamental model editing and management capabilities. This perspective includes 5 main UI components or groups of components as shown below. They include:

There are two ways to open a perspective:

The Teiid Designer perspective is now displayed.

There are few additional features of perspectives to take note of.

For more details on perspectives, views and other Eclipse workbench details, see formal Eclipse Documentation.