Package org.xnio.channels

Interface Summary
AcceptingChannel<C extends ConnectedChannel> A channel which can accept inbound connections from remote endpoints.
BoundChannel A channel that is bound to a local address.
BoundMultipointMessageChannel A multipoint datagram channel.
BoundServerChannel A server that is bound to one or more local addresses.
ByteChannel An extension of a simple NIO ByteChannel which includes scatter/gather operations.
CloseableChannel A channel which is closeable.
Configurable A channel that has parameters that may be configured while the channel is open.
ConnectedChannel A channel that has a local and peer endpoint address.
ConnectedMessageChannel A channel that sends and receives messages to a connected peer.
ConnectedSslStreamChannel A TLS-encapsulated connected stream channel.
ConnectedStreamChannel A stream channel that is a connection between a local and remote endpoint.
MessageChannel A channel that sends and receives whole messages.
MulticastMessageChannel A multicast-capable point-to-multipoint channel.
MulticastMessageChannel.Key A registration key for a multicast group.
MultipointMessageChannel A point-to-multipoint message channel.
ReadableMessageChannel A channel that can receive messages.
ReadableMultipointMessageChannel The readable side of a multipoint message channel.
SimpleAcceptingChannel<C extends CloseableChannel> A channel which can accept connections.
SslChannel A channel which can use SSL/TLS to negotiate a security layer.
StreamChannel A stream channel.
StreamSinkChannel A stream sink channel.
StreamSourceChannel A stream source channel.
SuspendableAcceptChannel A suspendable accept channel.
SuspendableChannel A suspendable bidirectional channel.
SuspendableReadChannel A suspendable readable channel.
SuspendableWriteChannel A suspendable writable channel.
WrappedChannel<C extends Channel> A wrapped channel.
WritableMessageChannel A channel that can send messages.
WritableMultipointMessageChannel The writable side of a multipoint message channel.

Class Summary
BlockingByteChannel A blocking wrapper for a StreamChannel.
BlockingReadableByteChannel A blocking wrapper for a StreamSourceChannel.
BlockingWritableByteChannel A blocking wrapper for a StreamChannel.
Channels A utility class containing static methods to support channel usage.
FramedMessageChannel A connected message channel providing a SASL-style framing layer over a stream channel where each message is prepended by a four-byte length field.
SocketAddressBuffer A buffer for source and destination addresses.
TranslatingSuspendableChannel<C extends SuspendableChannel,W extends SuspendableChannel> An abstract wrapped channel.

Exception Summary
ReadTimeoutException Thrown when a blocking read operation times out.
UnsupportedOptionException An exception that is thrown when an invalid option is specified for a Configurable.
WriteTimeoutException Thrown when a blocking write operation times out.


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