Package org.xnio

The main API package for XNIO.


Interface Summary
BufferAllocator<B extends Buffer> A simple allocator for buffers.
Cancellable An operation which may be cancelled.
ChannelDestination<T extends Channel> A channel destination.
ChannelListener<T extends Channel> A listener for channel events.
ChannelListener.Setter<T extends Channel> A setter for a channel listener.
ChannelSource<T extends Channel> A channel source.
IoFuture<T> The future result of an asynchronous request.
IoFuture.Notifier<T,A> A notifier that handles changes in the status of an IoFuture.
Pool<T> A generic pooled resource manager.
Pooled<T> A resource which is pooled.
Result<T> A handler for the result of an operation.
XnioExecutor An executor with the capability to run timed, cancellable tasks.
XnioExecutor.Key A task key for a timeout task.
XnioProvider An XNIO provider, used by the service loader discovery mechanism.

Class Summary
AbstractConvertingIoFuture<T,D> An IoFuture implementation that wraps a different type of IoFuture.
AbstractIoFuture<T> An abstract base class for IoFuture objects.
Bits General bit-affecting utility methods.
Buffers Buffer utility methods.
ByteBufferSlicePool A buffer pooled allocator.
ByteString An immutable string of bytes.
ChannelListener.SimpleSetter<T extends Channel> A simple implementation of ChannelListener.Setter.
ChannelListeners Channel listener utility methods.
Closer A Runnable that closes some resource.
FailedIoFuture<T> An implementation of IoFuture that represents an immediately-failed operation.
FinishedIoFuture<T> An implementation of IoFuture that represents an immediately-successful operation.
FutureResult<T> A result with a corresponding IoFuture instance.
IoFuture.HandlingNotifier<T,A> A base notifier class that calls the designated handler method on notification.
IoUtils General I/O utility methods.
LocalSocketAddress A socket address which is a local (UNIX domain) socket.
Option<T> A strongly-typed option to configure an aspect of a service or connection.
Option.SetBuilder A builder for an immutable option set.
OptionMap An immutable map of options to option values.
OptionMap.Builder A builder for immutable option maps.
Options Common channel options.
Property An immutable property represented by a key and value.
Sequence<T> An immutable sequence of elements.
TranslatingResult<T,O> Abstract base class for Results which translate from one type to another.
Version The version class.
Xnio The XNIO provider class.
XnioWorker A worker for I/O channel notification.

Enum Summary
IoFuture.Status The current status of an asynchronous operation.
SslClientAuthMode The desired SSL client authentication mode for SSL channels in server mode.

Exception Summary
ClosedWorkerException A channel open was attempted on a closed worker.
PoolDepletedException Exception thrown when a pool has no more available resources to allocate.

Package org.xnio Description

The main API package for XNIO. In addition to interfaces that are used and implemented by users of XNIO, this package contains several utility classes which, while not required to write an XNIO application, simplify boilerplate tasks associated with low-level I/O operations.


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