Class Component

  extended by org.hibernate.metamodel.domain.AbstractAttributeContainer
      extended by org.hibernate.metamodel.domain.Component
All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributeContainer, Hierarchical, Type

public class Component
extends AbstractAttributeContainer

Models the notion of a component (what JPA calls an Embeddable).

NOTE : Components are not currently really hierarchical. But that is a feature I want to add.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class org.hibernate.metamodel.domain.AbstractAttributeContainer
AbstractAttributeContainer.IndexedPluralAttributeImpl, AbstractAttributeContainer.PluralAttributeImpl, AbstractAttributeContainer.SingularAttributeImpl
Constructor Summary
Component(String name, String className, Value<Class<?>> classReference, Hierarchical superType)
Method Summary
 String getRoleBaseName()
          Obtain the name of this container in terms of creating attribute role names.
 boolean isAssociation()
 boolean isComponent()
Methods inherited from class org.hibernate.metamodel.domain.AbstractAttributeContainer
addAttribute, attributes, createBag, createComponentAttribute, createList, createMap, createPluralAttribute, createSet, createSingularAttribute, createVirtualSingularAttribute, getClassName, getClassReference, getClassReferenceUnresolved, getName, getSuperType, locateAttribute, locateBag, locateComponentAttribute, locateList, locateMap, locatePluralAttribute, locateSet, locateSingularAttribute, toString
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public Component(String name,
                 String className,
                 Value<Class<?>> classReference,
                 Hierarchical superType)
Method Detail


public boolean isAssociation()


public boolean isComponent()


public String getRoleBaseName()
Description copied from interface: AttributeContainer
Obtain the name of this container in terms of creating attribute role names.

NOTE : A role uniquely names each attribute. The role name is the name of the attribute prefixed by the "path" to its container.

Specified by:
getRoleBaseName in interface AttributeContainer
getRoleBaseName in class AbstractAttributeContainer
The container base name for role construction.

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