Interface Hierarchical

All Superinterfaces:
AttributeContainer, Type
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAttributeContainer, Component, Entity, NonEntity, Superclass

public interface Hierarchical
extends AttributeContainer

Additional contract for things that can occur in an inheritance hierarchy (specifically ones we would need to traverse).

Method Summary
 Hierarchical getSuperType()
          Retrieve the super type.
Methods inherited from interface org.hibernate.metamodel.domain.AttributeContainer
attributes, createBag, createComponentAttribute, createList, createMap, createSet, createSingularAttribute, createVirtualSingularAttribute, getRoleBaseName, locateAttribute, locateBag, locateComponentAttribute, locateList, locateMap, locatePluralAttribute, locateSet, locateSingularAttribute
Methods inherited from interface org.hibernate.metamodel.domain.Type
getClassName, getClassReference, getClassReferenceUnresolved, getName, isAssociation, isComponent

Method Detail


Hierarchical getSuperType()
Retrieve the super type.

The super type, or null if no super type.

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