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Uses of Filter in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging

Subclasses of Filter in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging
 class ClassFilter
          Filter on class elements
 class FileFilter
          Filter use to match a file by its name
 class JavaElementFilter
          Filter a Java element (class or package per fully qualified name and annotation existence) At least 1 annotation has to annotate the element and the accept method must match If none annotations are passed, only the accept method must pass.
 class PackageFilter
          Filter on pachage element

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging that return Filter
 Filter[] JarProtocolVisitor.getFilters()
 Filter[] AbstractJarVisitor.getFilters()
 Filter[] JarVisitor.getFilters()

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging with parameters of type Filter
static JarVisitor JarVisitorFactory.getVisitor(String jarPath, Filter[] filters)
          Get a JarVisitor to the jar jarPath applying the given filters Method used in a non-managed environment
static JarVisitor JarVisitorFactory.getVisitor(URL jarUrl, Filter[] filters)
          Build a JarVisitor on the given JAR URL applying the given filters
static JarVisitor JarVisitorFactory.getVisitor(URL jarUrl, Filter[] filters, String entry)

Constructors in org.hibernate.ejb.packaging with parameters of type Filter
AbstractJarVisitor(String fileName, Filter[] filters)
AbstractJarVisitor(URL url, Filter[] filters)
ExplodedJarVisitor(String fileName, Filter[] filters)
ExplodedJarVisitor(URL url, Filter[] filters, String entry)
FileZippedJarVisitor(String fileName, Filter[] filters)
FileZippedJarVisitor(URL url, Filter[] filters, String entry)
InputStreamZippedJarVisitor(String fileName, Filter[] filters)
InputStreamZippedJarVisitor(URL url, Filter[] filters, String entry)
JarProtocolVisitor(URL url, Filter[] filters, String entry)

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