Class AbstractMultiTableBulkIdStrategyImpl<TT extends IdTableInfo,​CT extends AbstractMultiTableBulkIdStrategyImpl.PreparationContext>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractMultiTableBulkIdStrategyImpl

        public AbstractMultiTableBulkIdStrategyImpl​(IdTableSupport idTableSupport)
    • Method Detail

      • prepare

        public final void prepare​(JdbcServices jdbcServices,
                                  JdbcConnectionAccess connectionAccess,
                                  MetadataImplementor metadata,
                                  SessionFactoryOptions sessionFactoryOptions)
        Description copied from interface: MultiTableBulkIdStrategy
        Prepare the strategy. Called as the SessionFactory is being built. Intended patterns here include:
        • Adding tables to the passed Mappings, to be picked by by "schema management tools"
        • Manually creating the tables immediately through the passed JDBC Connection access
        Specified by:
        prepare in interface MultiTableBulkIdStrategy
        jdbcServices - The JdbcService object
        connectionAccess - Access to the JDBC Connection
        metadata - Access to the O/RM mapping information
      • buildPreparationContext

        protected CT buildPreparationContext()
      • initialize

        protected void initialize​(MetadataBuildingOptions buildingOptions,
                                  SessionFactoryOptions sessionFactoryOptions)
        Configure ourselves. By default, nothing to do; here totally for subclass hook-in
        buildingOptions - Access to user-defined Metadata building options
        sessionFactoryOptions -
      • augmentIdTableDefinition

        protected void augmentIdTableDefinition​(Table idTable)
      • buildIdTableDropStatement

        protected java.lang.String buildIdTableDropStatement​(Table idTable,
                                                             JdbcServices jdbcServices)
      • getIdTableInfo

        protected TT getIdTableInfo​(Queryable targetedPersister)
      • getIdTableInfo

        protected TT getIdTableInfo​(java.lang.String entityName)