Class AnnotationTypeMemberCheck

  extended by org.hibernate.validator.ap.checks.AbstractConstraintCheck
      extended by org.hibernate.validator.ap.checks.AnnotationTypeMemberCheck
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AnnotationTypeMemberCheck
extends AbstractConstraintCheck

Checks, that each constraint annotation type declares the members message(), groups() and payload() as defined by the BV spec.

Gunnar Morling

Constructor Summary
AnnotationTypeMemberCheck(AnnotationApiHelper annotationApiHelper, Types typeUtils)
Method Summary
 Set<ConstraintCheckError> checkAnnotationType(TypeElement element, AnnotationMirror annotation)
          Checks, whether the given annotation is allowed at the given annotation type declaration.
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checkField, checkMethod, checkNonAnnotationType
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Constructor Detail


public AnnotationTypeMemberCheck(AnnotationApiHelper annotationApiHelper,
                                 Types typeUtils)
Method Detail


public Set<ConstraintCheckError> checkAnnotationType(TypeElement element,
                                                     AnnotationMirror annotation)
Description copied from interface: ConstraintCheck
Checks, whether the given annotation is allowed at the given annotation type declaration.

Specified by:
checkAnnotationType in interface ConstraintCheck
checkAnnotationType in class AbstractConstraintCheck
element - An annotated annotation type declaration.
annotation - An annotation at that annotation type.
A set with errors, that describe, why the given annotation is not allowed at the given element. In case no errors occur (the given annotation is allowed at the given element), an empty set must be returned.

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