Package org.hibernate.validator.ap.checks

This package contains check implementations used by the annotation processor to verify constraint declarations.


Interface Summary
ConstraintCheck Implementations represent checks, which determine whether a given constraint annotation is allowed at a given element.
ConstraintChecks Represents an ordered set of ConstraintChecks with the ability to execute these checks against given elements and their annotations.

Class Summary
AbstractConstraintCheck Abstract base class for ConstraintCheck implementations.
AnnotationTypeCheck Checks, that only constraint annotation types are annotated with other constraint annotations ("constraint composition"), but not non-constraint annotations.
AnnotationTypeMemberCheck Checks, that each constraint annotation type declares the members message(), groups() and payload() as defined by the BV spec.
ConstraintCheckError The result of the execution of a ConstraintCheck.
ConstraintCheckFactory A factory in charge of determining the ConstraintChecks required for the validation of annotations at given elements.
ConstraintValidatorCheck Checks, that for each constraint annotation type, which is not a composed constraint, a validator implementation is specified using Constraint annotation.
GetterCheck Checks whether a given element is a valid getter method.
GroupSequenceProviderCheck Checks that the GroupSequenceProvider annotation definition is valid.
MultiValuedChecks A ConstraintChecks implementation, that executed the contained checks against all parts of given multi-valued annotations.
PrimitiveCheck Validates that the given element is not of a primitive type.
RetentionPolicyCheck Checks, that RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME is declared for constraint annotation types.
SingleValuedChecks A ConstraintChecks implementation that simply executes all contained checks against given elements and annotations.
StaticCheck Checks, that the given element is not a static element.
TargetCheck Checks, that at least one of the ElementTypes FIELD, METHOD, TYPE or ANNOTATION_TYPE is specified using the Target meta-annotation for constraint annotation types.
TypeCheck Checks, that constraint annotations are only specified at elements of a type supported by the constraints.

Package org.hibernate.validator.ap.checks Description

This package contains check implementations used by the annotation processor to verify constraint declarations.

These checks are registered in the ConstraintValidatorFactory responsible to return the corresponding check in function of the processed element and annotation. This factory is especially used by the annotation processor implementation to get the checks corresponding to an annotated element.

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