Package org.hibernate.validator.ap.util

This package contains helper classes.


Class Summary
AnnotationApiHelper A helper class providing some useful methods to work with types from the JSR-269-API.
CollectionHelper Provides some methods for simplified collection instantiation.
Configuration Provides access to the processor options supported by the Hibernate Validator annotation processor.
ConstraintHelper Helper class that deals with all constraint-related stuff, such as determining whether a given annotation represents a constraint annotation or whether a given annotation is allowed to be declared at a given element.
MessagerAdapter Wrapper around Messager, which adds the ability to format error messages using MessageFormat.

Enum Summary
ConstraintHelper.AnnotationType The type of an annotation with respect to the BV API.
ConstraintHelper.ConstraintCheckResult Possible results of a constraint check as returned by ConstraintHelper.checkConstraint(DeclaredType, TypeMirror).

Package org.hibernate.validator.ap.util Description

This package contains helper classes.

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