Interface ResourceBundleLocator

All Known Implementing Classes:
AggregateResourceBundleLocator, CachingResourceBundleLocator, DelegatingResourceBundleLocator, PlatformResourceBundleLocator

public interface ResourceBundleLocator

Used by ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator to load resource bundles containing message texts to be displayed in case of validation errors.

The default implementation provides access to the bundle "ValidationMessages" as described in the BV specification. By providing additional implementations of this interface, alternative ways of bundle loading can be realized, e.g. by loading bundles based on XML files or from a database.

A ResourceBundleLocator implementation must be thread-safe.

Gunnar Morling

Method Summary
 ResourceBundle getResourceBundle(Locale locale)
          Returns a resource bundle for the given locale.

Method Detail


ResourceBundle getResourceBundle(Locale locale)
Returns a resource bundle for the given locale.

locale - A locale, for which a resource bundle shall be retrieved. Must not be null.
A resource bundle for the given locale. May be null, if no such bundle exists.

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