Package org.hibernate.validator.resourceloading

ResourceBundleLocator interface and its various implementations.


Interface Summary
ResourceBundleLocator Used by ResourceBundleMessageInterpolator to load resource bundles containing message texts to be displayed in case of validation errors.

Class Summary
AggregateResourceBundleLocator A ResourceBundleLocator implementation that provides access to multiple source ResourceBundles by merging them into one aggregated bundle.
AggregateResourceBundleLocator.AggregateBundle A ResourceBundle which's content is aggregated from multiple source bundles.
CachingResourceBundleLocator A ResourceBundleLocator implementation that wraps around another locator and caches values retrieved from that locator.
DelegatingResourceBundleLocator Abstract base for all ResourceBundleLocator implementations, that wish to delegate to some other locator.
PlatformResourceBundleLocator A resource bundle locator, that loads resource bundles by simply invoking ResourceBundle.loadBundle(...).

Package org.hibernate.validator.resourceloading Description

ResourceBundleLocator interface and its various implementations.

This package is part of the public Hibernate Validator API.

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