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Packages that use CacheException
org.infinispan.batch Support for batching calls using the Cache.startBatch() and Cache.endBatch(boolean) API. 
org.infinispan.config Cache configuration beans and parsers. 
org.infinispan.jmx Helpers that allow easy exposure of attributes and operations via JMX. 
org.infinispan.marshall Infinispan makes use of custom marshalling to serialize and deserialize state wherever possible, rather than falling back to the JDK to do this. 
org.infinispan.notifications Notifications and eventing for listeners on both the Cache and CacheManager interfaces. 
org.infinispan.remoting Remote communication between cache instances. 
org.infinispan.remoting.transport.jgroups A transport implementation based on JGroups
org.infinispan.tree This package contains the TreeCache. 
org.infinispan.util.concurrent Thread-safe containers and other concurrency-related utilities, designed to supplement JDK concurrency utilities and containers. 
org.infinispan.util.concurrent.locks Lock and synchronization related classes, tools and utilities. 

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.batch

Methods in org.infinispan.batch that throw CacheException
 boolean BatchContainer.startBatch()
          Starts a batch
 boolean BatchContainer.startBatch(boolean autoBatch)

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.config

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.config
 class ConfigurationException
          An exception that represents an error in the configuration.
 class DuplicateCacheNameException
          Thrown if a duplicate named cache is detected

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.jmx

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.jmx
 class JmxDomainConflictException

Methods in org.infinispan.jmx that throw CacheException
 void ComponentsJmxRegistration.registerMBeans()
          Performs the MBean registration.
 void ComponentsJmxRegistration.unregisterMBeans()
          Unregisters all the MBeans registered through ComponentsJmxRegistration.registerMBeans().

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.marshall

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.marshall
 class NotSerializableException
          An exception that hides inner stacktrace lines for non serializable exceptions.

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.notifications

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.notifications
 class IncorrectListenerException
          Thrown when an incorrectly annotated class is added as a cache listener using the Listenable.addListener(Object) API.

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.remoting

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.remoting
 class ReplicationException
          Thrown when a replication problem occurred

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.remoting.transport.jgroups

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.remoting.transport.jgroups
 class SuspectException
          Thrown when a member is suspected during remote method invocation

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.tree

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.tree
 class NodeNotExistsException
          Thrown when an operation is attempted on a non-existing node in the cache
 class NodeNotValidException
          Thrown whenever operations are attempted on a node that is no longer valid.

Methods in org.infinispan.tree that throw CacheException
 void TreeCacheImpl.start()

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.util.concurrent

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.util.concurrent
 class TimeoutException
          Thrown when a timeout occurred.

Uses of CacheException in org.infinispan.util.concurrent.locks

Subclasses of CacheException in org.infinispan.util.concurrent.locks
 class DeadlockDetectedException
          Exception signaling detected deadlocks.

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