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Packages that use Node
org.infinispan.tree This package contains the TreeCache. 

Uses of Node in org.infinispan.tree

Classes in org.infinispan.tree that implement Node
 class NodeImpl<K,V>
          Implementation backed by an AtomicMap

Methods in org.infinispan.tree that return Node
 Node<K,V> NodeImpl.addChild(Fqn f)
 Node<K,V> Node.addChild(Fqn f)
          Adds a child node with the given Fqn under the current node.
 Node<K,V> NodeImpl.addChild(Fqn f, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> Node.addChild(Fqn f, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> NodeImpl.getChild(Fqn f)
 Node<K,V> Node.getChild(Fqn f)
          Returns the child node
 Node<K,V> NodeImpl.getChild(Fqn f, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> Node.getChild(Fqn f, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> NodeImpl.getChild(Object name)
 Node<K,V> Node.getChild(Object name)
 Node<K,V> NodeImpl.getChild(Object name, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> Node.getChild(Object name, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> TreeCacheImpl.getNode(Fqn fqn)
 Node<K,V> TreeCache.getNode(Fqn fqn)
          A convenience method to retrieve a node directly from the cache.
 Node<K,V> TreeCacheImpl.getNode(Fqn fqn, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> TreeCache.getNode(Fqn fqn, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> TreeCacheImpl.getNode(String fqn)
 Node<K,V> TreeCache.getNode(String fqn)
          Convenience method that takes a string representation of an Fqn.
 Node<K,V> TreeCacheImpl.getNode(String fqn, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> TreeCache.getNode(String fqn, Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> NodeImpl.getParent()
 Node<K,V> Node.getParent()
          Returns the parent node.
 Node<K,V> NodeImpl.getParent(Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> Node.getParent(Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> TreeCacheImpl.getRoot()
 Node<K,V> TreeCache.getRoot()
          Returns the root node of this cache.
 Node<K,V> TreeCacheImpl.getRoot(Flag... flags)
 Node<K,V> TreeCache.getRoot(Flag... flags)

Methods in org.infinispan.tree that return types with arguments of type Node
 Set<Node<K,V>> NodeImpl.getChildren()
 Set<Node<K,V>> Node.getChildren()
          Returns an immutable set of children nodes.
 Set<Node<K,V>> NodeImpl.getChildren(Flag... flags)
 Set<Node<K,V>> Node.getChildren(Flag... flags)


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