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Chapter 10. Additional Services

10.1. Memory and Thread Monitoring
10.2. The Log4j Service
10.3. System Properties Management
10.4. Property Editor Management
10.5. Services Binding Management
10.5.1. AttributeMappingDelegate
10.5.2. XSLTConfigDelegate
10.5.3. XSLTFileDelegate
10.5.4. The Sample Bindings File
10.6. RMI Dynamic Class Loading
10.7. Scheduling Tasks
10.7.1. org.jboss.varia.scheduler.Scheduler
10.8. The Timer Service
10.9. The BarrierController Service
10.10. Exposing MBean Events via SNMP

This chapter discusses useful MBean services that are not discussed elsewhere either because they are utility services not necessary for running JBoss, or they don't fit into a current section of the book.