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Chapter 5. Connectors on JBoss

The JCA Configuration and Architecture

5.1. JCA Overview
5.2. An Overview of the JBossCX Architecture
5.2.1. BaseConnectionManager2 MBean
5.2.2. RARDeployment MBean
5.2.3. JBossManagedConnectionPool MBean
5.2.4. CachedConnectionManager MBean
5.2.5. A Sample Skeleton JCA Resource Adaptor
5.3. Configuring JDBC DataSources
5.4. Configuring Generic JCA Adaptors

This chapter discusses the JBoss server implementation of the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA). JCA is a resource manager integration API whose goal is to standardize access to non-relational resources in the same way the JDBC API standardized access to relational data. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the utility of the JCA APIs and then describe the architecture of JCA in JBoss