Uses of Interface

Packages that use Service
org.jboss.deployment Core deployment framework and services. 
org.jboss.deployment.cache Deployment caching components. 
org.jboss.deployment.scanner Deployment scanning framework and components. 
org.jboss.system Core system framework and components.   

Uses of Service in org.jboss.deployment

Subinterfaces of Service in org.jboss.deployment
 interface ClasspathExtensionMBean
          MBean interface.
 interface JARDeployerMBean
          MBean interface.
 interface MainDeployerMBean
          MainDeployer MBean interface
 interface SARDeployerMBean
          MBean interface.
 interface SubDeployerExtMBean
          An extension mbean interface that allows the retrieval and setting of the combined suffixes and their relative order supported by a SubDeployer.
 interface SubDeployerInterceptorMBean
          Interface for SubDeployerInterceptor services.
 interface SubDeployerMBean
          MBean interface for SubDeployers
 interface XSLSubDeployerMBean
          MBean interface.

Classes in org.jboss.deployment that implement Service
 class ClasspathExtension
          A service that allows one to add an arbitrary URL to a named LoaderRepository.
 class JARDeployer
          This deployer exists to prevent deployment of packages whose deployers are not yet deployed.
 class MainDeployer
          The main/primary component for deployment.
 class ObjectModelFactorySimpleSubDeployerSupport
          A simple subdeployer that deploys a managed object after parsing the deployment's xml file using an ObjectModelFactory.
 class SARDeployer
          This is the main Service Deployer API.
 class SchemaBindingSimpleSubDeployerSupport
          A simple subdeployer that deploys a managed object after parsing the deployment's xml file using an ObjectModelFactory.
 class SimpleSubDeployerSupport
          A simple subdeployer that deploys a managed object after parsing the deployment's xml file.
 class SubDeployerInterceptorSupport
          Base class that can be used for writing services that dynamically hook to other interceptable deployers in order to add functionality in the deployment cycle.
 class SubDeployerSupport
          An abstract SubDeployer.
 class XSLSubDeployer

Uses of Service in org.jboss.deployment.cache

Subinterfaces of Service in org.jboss.deployment.cache
 interface DeploymentCacheMBean
          MBean interface.
 interface DeploymentStoreMBean
          MBean interface.
 interface FileDeploymentStoreMBean
          MBean interface.

Classes in org.jboss.deployment.cache that implement Service
 class DeploymentCache
          A Deployer-like service which intercepts deploy/undeploy calls to MainDeployer and provides local caching of target URLs using local disk.
 class FileDeploymentStore
          A local file based DeploymentStore.

Uses of Service in org.jboss.deployment.scanner

Subinterfaces of Service in org.jboss.deployment.scanner
 interface DeploymentScanner
          Provides the basic interface for a deployment scanner.
 interface DeploymentScannerMBean
          MBean interface.
 interface HttpURLDeploymentScannerMBean
          MBean interface.
 interface URLDeploymentScannerMBean
          URLDeploymentScanner MBean interface.
 interface URLDirectoryScannerMBean
          MBean interface.

Classes in org.jboss.deployment.scanner that implement Service
 class AbstractDeploymentScanner
          An abstract support class for implementing a deployment scanner.
 class HttpURLDeploymentScanner
 class URLDeploymentScanner
          A URL-based deployment scanner.
 class URLDirectoryScanner
          This class is similar to the URLDeploymentScanner (

Uses of Service in org.jboss.system

Subinterfaces of Service in org.jboss.system
 interface BarrierControllerMBean
          MBean interface.
 interface InterceptorServiceMBean
          MBean interface for services that dynamically attach an interceptor to a set of target Interceptable (X)MBeans.
 interface ListenerServiceMBean
          An extension of the ServiceMBean interface that provides for declarative JMX notification subscription handling.
 interface ServiceMBean
          An interface describing a JBoss service MBean.

Classes in org.jboss.system that implement Service
 class BarrierController
          BarrierController service.
static class BarrierController.Barrier
          The controlled barrier MBean class
 class InterceptorServiceMBeanSupport
          Helper class that can be used for writing MBean Services that dynamically hook-up an Interceptor to other (X)MBeans that have been configured as Interceptable.
 class ListenerServiceMBeanSupport
          An abstract base class that provides for declarative JMX notification subscription handling.
 class ServiceDynamicMBeanSupport
 class ServiceMBeanSupport
          An abstract base class JBoss services can subclass to implement a service that conforms to the ServiceMBean interface.

Fields in org.jboss.system declared as Service
 Service ServiceContext.proxy
          The fancy proxy to my service calls

Methods in org.jboss.system that return Service
 Service ServiceFactory.createService( server, name)
          Create a Service proxy instance for the MBean given by name.

Uses of Service in

Subinterfaces of Service in
 interface AttributePersistenceServiceMBean
          MBean interface.

Classes in that implement Service
 class AttributePersistenceService
          AttributePersistenceService Works in conjuction with that upon creation, consults this service for an implementations of the interface The service will instantiate and initialize the actual persistence manager and return it whenever asked.

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