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Packages that use XmlLoadable
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Uses of XmlLoadable in org.jboss.cache.invalidation.triggers

Classes in org.jboss.cache.invalidation.triggers that implement XmlLoadable
 class EntityBeanCacheBatchInvalidatorInterceptor
          The role of this interceptor is to detect that an entity has been modified after an invocation has been performed an use the InvalidationsTxGrouper static class so that invalidation messages can be groupped and sent at transaction-commit time in a single batch.

Uses of XmlLoadable in org.jboss.deployment

Classes in org.jboss.deployment that implement XmlLoadable
 class J2eeApplicationMetaData
          A representation of the application.xml and jboss-app.xml deployment descriptors.
 class J2eeModuleMetaData
          The metadata for an application/module element

Uses of XmlLoadable in org.jboss.ejb

Subinterfaces of XmlLoadable in org.jboss.ejb
 interface InstancePoolFeeder
          Interface for bean instances Pool Feeder

Uses of XmlLoadable in org.jboss.ejb.plugins

Classes in org.jboss.ejb.plugins that implement XmlLoadable
 class AbstractInstanceCache
          Base class for caches of entity and stateful beans.
 class AbstractInstancePool
          Abstract Instance Pool class containing the basic logic to create an EJB Instance Pool.
 class EntityInstanceCache
          Cache subclass for entity beans.
 class EntityInstancePool
          An entity bean instance pool.
 class InvalidableEntityInstanceCache
          Cache implementation that registers with an InvalidationManager when in commit option A or D.
 class LRUEnterpriseContextCachePolicy
          Least Recently Used cache policy for EnterpriseContexts.
 class LRUStatefulContextCachePolicy
          Least Recently Used cache policy for StatefulSessionEnterpriseContexts.
 class MessageDrivenInstancePool
          A message driven bean instance pool.
 class NoPassivationCachePolicy
          Implementation of a no passivation cache policy.
 class SingletonStatelessSessionInstancePool
          Singleton pool for session beans.
 class StatefulSessionInstanceCache
          Cache for stateful session beans.
 class StatefulSessionInstancePool
          A stateful session bean instance pool.
 class StatelessSessionInstancePool
          A stateless session bean instance pool.
 class TxInterceptorCMT
          This interceptor handles transactions for CMT beans.

Uses of XmlLoadable in org.jboss.metadata

Classes in org.jboss.metadata that implement XmlLoadable
 class ActivationConfigPropertyMetaData
          Parse the activation-config-property element used in message driven bean.
 class ApplicationMetaData
          The top level meta data from the jboss.xml and ejb-jar.xml descriptor.
 class AssemblyDescriptorMetaData
          The meta data object for the assembly-descriptor element.
 class BeanMetaData
          A common meta data class for the entity, message-driven and session beans.
 class CacheInvalidationConfigMetaData
          Manages attributes related to distributed (possibly local-only) cache invalidations
 class ClusterConfigMetaData
          The meta data object for the cluster-config element.
 class ConfigurationMetaData
          The configuration information for an EJB container.
 class EjbLocalRefMetaData
 class EjbRefMetaData
 class EntityMetaData
          The meta data information specific to entity beans.
 class EnvEntryMetaData
 class InvokerProxyBindingMetaData
          The configuration information for invoker-proxy bindingss that may be tied to a EJB container.
 class MessageDestinationMetaData
          Message Destination Metadata
 class MessageDestinationRefMetaData
          Message Destination Reference Metadata
 class MessageDrivenMetaData
          Provides a container and parser for the metadata of a message driven bean.
 class MetaData
          An abstract base class for metadata containers.
 class MethodMetaData
          The combination of the method-permission, container-transaction
 class QueryMetaData
          Contains information about ejb-ql queries.
 class RelationMetaData
          Represents one ejb-relation element found in the ejb-jar.xml file's relationships elements.
 class RelationshipRoleMetaData
          Represents one ejb-relationship-role element found in the ejb-jar.xml file's ejb-relation elements.
 class ResourceEnvRefMetaData
          The meta data information for a resource-env-ref element.
 class ResourceRefMetaData
          The meta data information for a resource-ref element.
 class SecurityIdentityMetaData
          The meta data object for the security-identity element.
 class SecurityRoleRefMetaData
          The metadata object for the security-role-ref element.
 class SessionMetaData
          The meta data information specific to session beans.
 class WebMetaData
          A representation of the web.xml and jboss-web.xml deployment descriptors as used by the AbstractWebContainer web container integration support class.

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