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Uses of Region in org.jboss.cache

Classes in org.jboss.cache that implement Region
 class RegionImpl
          Default implementation of a Region

Methods in org.jboss.cache that return Region
 Region Cache.getRegion(Fqn<?> fqn, boolean createIfAbsent)
          Retrieves a Region for a given Fqn.
 Region CacheImpl.getRegion(Fqn<?> fqn, boolean createIfAbsent)
 Region RegionManager.getRegion(Fqn fqn, boolean createIfAbsent)
          Returns a region by Fqn, creating it optionally if absent.
 Region RegionManager.getRegion(Fqn fqn, Region.Type type, boolean createIfAbsent)
          An overloaded form of RegionManager.getRegion(Fqn,boolean) that takes an additional Region.Type parameter to force regions of a specific type.
 Region RegionManager.getRegion(java.lang.String fqn, boolean createIfAbsent)
          Returns a region using Fqn.fromString(fqn), calling RegionManager.getRegion(Fqn,boolean)

Methods in org.jboss.cache that return types with arguments of type Region
 java.util.List<Region> RegionManager.getAllRegions(Region.Type type)
          Returns an ordered list of all regions.

Methods in org.jboss.cache with parameters of type Region
 int RegionImpl.compareTo(Region other)

Uses of Region in org.jboss.cache.eviction

Fields in org.jboss.cache.eviction declared as Region
protected  Region BaseEvictionAlgorithm.region
          Mapped region.

Methods in org.jboss.cache.eviction with parameters of type Region
 void EvictionTimerTask.addRegionToProcess(Region region)
          Add a MarshRegion to process by the Eviction Thread.
protected  void BaseEvictionAlgorithm.initialize(Region region)
 boolean EvictionTimerTask.isRegionRegisteredForProcessing(Region region)
 void BaseEvictionAlgorithm.process(Region region)
          Process the given region.
 void BaseSortedEvictionAlgorithm.process(Region region)
 void EvictionAlgorithm.process(Region region)
          Entry point for evictin algorithm.
protected  void BaseEvictionAlgorithm.processQueues(Region region)
          Event processing for Evict/Add/Visiting of nodes.
protected  void BaseSortedEvictionAlgorithm.processQueues(Region region)
protected  void ExpirationAlgorithm.processQueues(Region region)
 void EvictionTimerTask.removeRegionToProcess(Region region)
          Remove a MarshRegion to process from the Eviction thread.
 void BaseEvictionAlgorithm.resetEvictionQueue(Region region)
 void EvictionAlgorithm.resetEvictionQueue(Region region)
          Reset the whole eviction queue.
 void ExpirationAlgorithm.resetEvictionQueue(Region region)
protected abstract  EvictionQueue BaseEvictionAlgorithm.setupEvictionQueue(Region region)
          This method will create an EvictionQueue implementation and prepare it for use.
protected  EvictionQueue ElementSizeAlgorithm.setupEvictionQueue(Region region)
protected  EvictionQueue ExpirationAlgorithm.setupEvictionQueue(Region region)
protected  EvictionQueue FIFOAlgorithm.setupEvictionQueue(Region region)
protected  EvictionQueue LFUAlgorithm.setupEvictionQueue(Region region)
          Will create a LFUQueue to be used as the underlying eviction queue.
protected  EvictionQueue LRUAlgorithm.setupEvictionQueue(Region region)
protected  EvictionQueue MRUAlgorithm.setupEvictionQueue(Region region)

Uses of Region in org.jboss.cache.marshall

Methods in org.jboss.cache.marshall that return Region
protected  Region AbstractMarshaller.getRegion(Fqn fqn)
          Retrieves the Region from the RegionManager after taking into account that this may be a Buddy Backup Fqn.