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Uses of CacheLoader in org.jboss.cache

Methods in org.jboss.cache that return CacheLoader
 CacheLoader CacheImpl.getCacheLoader()
          Returns the underlying cache loader in use.

Methods in org.jboss.cache with parameters of type CacheLoader
 void CacheImpl.setCacheLoader(CacheLoader loader)
          Deprecated. only provided for backward compat

Uses of CacheLoader in org.jboss.cache.interceptors

Fields in org.jboss.cache.interceptors declared as CacheLoader
protected  CacheLoader CacheLoaderInterceptor.loader
protected  CacheLoader CacheStoreInterceptor.loader
protected  CacheLoader PassivationInterceptor.loader

Uses of CacheLoader in org.jboss.cache.loader

Subinterfaces of CacheLoader in org.jboss.cache.loader
 interface CacheLoaderAop
          Responsible for storing and retrieving objects to/from secondary storage.

Classes in org.jboss.cache.loader that implement CacheLoader
 class AbstractCacheLoader
          A convenience abstract implementation of a CacheLoader.
 class AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader
          AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader provides standard functionality for a cache loader that simply delegates each operation defined in the cache loader interface to the underlying cache loader, basically acting as a proxy to the real cache loader.
 class AdjListJDBCCacheLoader
          Adjacency List Model is the model of persisting trees in which each children holds a reference to its parent.
 class AsyncCacheLoader
          The AsyncCacheLoader is a delegating cache loader that extends AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader overriding methods to that should not just delegate the operation to the underlying cache loader.
 class ChainingCacheLoader
          This decorator is used whenever more than one cache loader is configured.
 class ClusteredCacheLoader
          A cache loader that consults other members in the cluster for values.
 class FileCacheLoader
          Simple file-based CacheLoader implementation.
 class JDBCCacheLoader
          JDBC implementation of AdjListJDBCCacheLoader.
 class JDBCCacheLoaderOld
          Deprecated. please use the JDBCCacheLoader.
 class LocalDelegatingCacheLoader
          DelegatingCacheLoader implementation which delegates to a local (in the same VM) CacheImpl.
 class SingletonStoreCacheLoader
          SingletonStoreCacheLoader is a delegating cache loader used for situations when only one node should interact with the underlying store.
 class TcpDelegatingCacheLoader
          DelegatingCacheLoader implementation which delegates to a remote (not in the same VM) CacheImpl using TCP/IP for communication.

Methods in org.jboss.cache.loader that return CacheLoader
 CacheLoader AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader.getCacheLoader()
 CacheLoader CacheLoaderManager.getCacheLoader()
          Returns the cache loader

Methods in org.jboss.cache.loader that return types with arguments of type CacheLoader
 java.util.List<CacheLoader> ChainingCacheLoader.getCacheLoaders()
          Returns a List of individual cache loaders configured.

Methods in org.jboss.cache.loader with parameters of type CacheLoader
 void ChainingCacheLoader.addCacheLoader(CacheLoader l, CacheLoaderConfig.IndividualCacheLoaderConfig cfg)
          Adds a cache loader to the chain (always added at the end of the chain)
protected  void CacheLoaderManager.setCacheInLoader(CacheSPI c, CacheLoader loader)
          Sets the cache instance associated with the given cache loader.
 void AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader.setCacheLoader(CacheLoader cacheLoader)
 void CacheLoaderManager.setCacheLoader(CacheLoader loader)
          Overrides generated cache loader with the one provided,for backward compat.

Constructors in org.jboss.cache.loader with parameters of type CacheLoader
AbstractDelegatingCacheLoader(CacheLoader cl)
AsyncCacheLoader(CacheLoader cacheLoader)

Uses of CacheLoader in org.jboss.cache.loader.bdbje

Classes in org.jboss.cache.loader.bdbje that implement CacheLoader
 class BdbjeCacheLoader
          A persistent CacheLoader based on Berkeley DB Java Edition.

Uses of CacheLoader in org.jboss.cache.loader.jdbm

Classes in org.jboss.cache.loader.jdbm that implement CacheLoader
 class JdbmCacheLoader
          A persistent CacheLoader based on the JDBM project.