Interface Summary
IndexRules.Rule A single rule that dictates how a single property should be indexed.
LuceneConfiguration Interface used to obtain the Lucene Directory instance that should be used for a workspace given the name of the workspace.

Class Summary
AbstractLuceneSearchEngine<WorkspaceType extends SearchEngineWorkspace,ProcessorType extends SearchEngineProcessor> An abstract SearchEngine implementation that is set up to use the Lucene library.
IndexRules The set of rules that dictate how properties should be indexed.
IndexRules.Builder A builder of immutable IndexRules objects.
LuceneConfigurations A family of LuceneConfiguration implementations.
LuceneConfigurations.FileSystemDirectoryFromNameFactory A LuceneConfiguration implementation that creates FSDirectory instances for each workspace and index name.
LuceneConfigurations.RamDirectoryFactory A LuceneConfiguration implementation that creates RAMDirectory instances for each workspace and index name.
LuceneSearchEngine A SearchEngine implementation that relies upon two separate indexes to manage the node properties and the node structure (path and children).
LuceneSearchProcessor Abstract SearchEngineProcessor implementation for the LuceneSearchEngine.
LuceneSearchSession The AbstractLuceneSearchEngine.WorkspaceSession implementation for the LuceneSearchEngine.
LuceneSearchWorkspace The SearchEngineWorkspace implementation for the LuceneSearchEngine.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
LuceneException A runtime exception representing a problem operating against Lucene.

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