JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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Packages that use ByteInput
org.jboss.marshalling The marshalling API. 

Uses of ByteInput in org.jboss.marshalling

Subinterfaces of ByteInput in org.jboss.marshalling
 interface Unmarshaller
          An unmarshaller which reads objects from a stream.

Classes in org.jboss.marshalling that implement ByteInput
 class AbstractObjectInput
 class AbstractUnmarshaller
          An abstract implementation of the Unmarshaller interface.
 class ByteBufferInput
          An InputStream which implements ByteInput and reads bytes from a ByteBuffer.
 class ByteInputStream
          An InputStream which implements ByteInput and reads bytes from another ByteInput.
 class InputStreamByteInput
          An InputStream implementing ByteInput which reads input from another InputStream.
 class LimitedByteInput
          A limited byte input stream.
 class MarshallerObjectInputStream
          A marshaller's object input stream.
 class NioByteInput
          A ByteInput implementation which is populated asynchronously with ByteBuffer instances.
 class ObjectInputStreamUnmarshaller
          An Unmarshaller which simply wraps an object stream.
 class SimpleByteInput
          A simple byte input which extends InputStream.
 class SimpleDataInput

Fields in org.jboss.marshalling declared as ByteInput
protected  ByteInput ByteInputStream.byteInput

Methods in org.jboss.marshalling that return ByteInput
static ByteInput Marshalling.createByteInput(ByteBuffer buffer)
          Create a ByteInput wrapper for a ByteBuffer.
static ByteInput Marshalling.createByteInput(InputStream inputStream)
          Create a ByteInput wrapper for an InputStream.
 ByteInput BytePipe.getInput()
          Get the input side of this pipe.

Methods in org.jboss.marshalling with parameters of type ByteInput
static InputStream Marshalling.createInputStream(ByteInput byteInput)
          Create an InputStream wrapper for a ByteInput.
static void Marshalling.readFully(ByteInput input, byte[] dest)
          Read bytes from a ByteInput.
static void Marshalling.readFully(ByteInput input, byte[] dest, int offs, int len)
          Read bytes from a ByteInput.
 void StreamHeader.readHeader(ByteInput input)
          Read the stream header from the stream.
static String UTFUtils.readUTFBytes(ByteInput input, int len)
          Read the given number of characters from the given byte input.
static String UTFUtils.readUTFBytesByByteCount(ByteInput input, long len)
          Read the given number of characters from the given byte input.
static String UTFUtils.readUTFZBytes(ByteInput input)
          Read a null-terminated modified UTF-8 string from the given byte input.
 void Unmarshaller.start(ByteInput newInput)
          Begin unmarshalling from a stream.
 void ObjectInputStreamUnmarshaller.start(ByteInput newInput)
          Begin unmarshalling from a stream.
 void AbstractUnmarshaller.start(ByteInput byteInput)
          Begin unmarshalling from a stream.
protected  void SimpleDataInput.start(ByteInput byteInput)

Constructors in org.jboss.marshalling with parameters of type ByteInput
ByteInputStream(ByteInput byteInput)
          Create a new instance.
LimitedByteInput(ByteInput byteInput, long limit)
          Create a new instance.
SimpleDataInput(ByteInput byteInput)
SimpleDataInput(int bufferSize, ByteInput byteInput)
UnmarshallingObjectInputStream(Unmarshaller unmarshaller, ByteInput byteInput)
          Construct a new instance which delegates to the given unmarshaller, reading from the given input.

JBoss Marshalling 1.3.0.CR9

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